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Mousepad Project

The name of my artist is the chinese Zhang Daqian. He was born 1899, passed 1983, and was a native of Nei-chiang, Szechwan and later became a monk. I chose this artist because I love Asian art and culture, and particularly enjoyed his style of art. His atristic characteristics are an accomplished master between impressionistic style and meticulous brushwork. he had the ability to move between both techniques. He also came to master contemporary art. He studied traditional coloration and line drawing methods, being particularly moved by the grand scale and complex layout of the high Tang style. Besides copying from old masters Chang Dai-chien was also expert at painting from life. In his later years, he combined splashed ink and splashed color with the masterly texture strokes and liberation of his early years to form a new synthesis. Hovering between concrete and abstract, reveling in freedom and unpredictability, Chang Dai-chien's work created a whole new style of modern Chinese painting. My mouse pad is created with a number of different techniques he used. I created my mouspad with the lone samurai typically in mind. Once I had discoverd a few other peices later that he'd done, I incorporated those too.

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My Ex Libris is basically a bust or portiat of a woman placed in front of a crysanthimum flower. An inner border encircles her and a vine is entwined around the lady. Also, there are a couple other vines steming from the outside border, I chose light colors for the background: washedpink and baby blue. Another flower was attemped to be made to replace the one behind her, and to cover the upper right-hand corner, stemming from there, but it was left incomplete. The lady's hair is supposed to resemble a wavy, vine-like pattern, but I did not achieve the look I intended.

I think the face was rather left bland and emotionless, a sense of no detail. The look I intended was incorrect and I had to completely remodel the face and hair- in short, the whole lady. It ended up being late and incomplete, not as I suspected.Overall I did not like the outcome of the Ex-Libris. It came out mediocre and low-quality, not as I intended it to be.

My inspiration came from a Japan-animation I saw that had a very Nouveau-like design. aparently and consequently, it was not seen as nouvea art. What I originally had in mind was not considered acceptable needed complete reconstruction of the hair and facial features.

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I chose my design based on an idea of someone or something looking up to me. I had two different schemes planned, a more militaristic version and a more Shinobi Ninja based version. I was going to go with the first, but changed my mind half way, and blended both ideas into one.
It started to become more interesting and creative when I was doing the face garment and eyes. My inspiration was just an image that came to mind as I was sketching ideas for the project

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